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Prime Rib Roast

| (1) 4-4.5 lb roast

Impossibly tender and out-of-this world tasty, your meal will be memorable when you feature this boneless prime rib roast, no matter what the occasion. Wet-aged and hand-trimmed, this classic cut of meat is beautifully marbled to ensure a decadent roast every time. 

*All products shipped frozen and are raw unless otherwise noted.


For best results, remove roast from freezer 1-2 days prior to cooking and place in refrigerator. Keep in refrigerator until fully thawed. Remove from refrigerator one hour before cooking and let warm to room temperature. Preheat oven to 500°. Place onto a roasting pan on top of a wire rack. Rub roast with generous amounts of salt and pepper. Roast for 5 minutes per pound, approximately 25 minutes. After 25 minutes, turn off oven. Let Prime Rib Roast sit for 2 hours, leaving the oven door closed. Important note: Do NOT open the oven door for 2 hours. After 2 hours, let Roast sit 10-15 minutes prior to serving.

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Prime Rib is so named because it comes from the Rib primal, located in the center of the cattle’s back. This primal features softer, less-strenuously used muscles and a healthy amount of marbling, yielding an exceptionally tender and flavorful cut of meat. A rib roast is a large slab of the rib which can be roasted whole or cut down into individual rib eye steaks.

Grass-Fed, Grain Finished

Grass-Fed, Grain Finished

In the American heartland, our Black Angus cattle are pastured in large open fields and fed a 100% vegetarian diet. They’re grain-finished on high-moisture corn for 120 days, creating fantastic marbling and tender, flavorful beef. Like all of our products, it’s antibiotic, steroid, and hormone-free. Our cattle are certified by the USDA as raised and fed through operations that provide a low-stress environment, with facilities designed by world-renowned animal care experts, and prioritize delivering access to fresh, clean water, adequate shade and shelter.