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BYOB (Be Your Own Butcher) with our incredible collection of 100% Grass-Fed Primals. Each one is wet-aged, hand trimmed and block ready. Enjoy the experience of cutting your own steaks, each to your own preferred thickness. Only want a few? You can cut and freeze the rest, or roast what you don’t cut in the oven.

(1) 6 lb. primal $149.00 USD
(1) 3 lb. primal $119.00 USD
(1) 6 lb. primal $139.00 USD

Primals FAQs

With these Primals, you get to be the butcher! Cutting your own steaks is fun…and economical. You can cut as many or as few as you’d like. You can cut them as thick or as thin as you like. And, because you do the cutting, these primals come at a savings – as much as 23% less than pre-cut steaks.

Use a non-serrated knife with a blade that is longer than the primal you’re cutting. We prefer to use a knife with a thin blade. Only the sharpened edge of the knife does the cutting, so a thicker blade requires more pressure without contributing to the cut. Whatever knife you use, the most important thing is that it is sharp! A good knife sharpener is a butcher’s best friend.

The greatest part about these primals is that you get to decide how thick you want the cuts to be? If you like a really thick steak, cut it about 1.5 inches wide. Want just a little? Make it about 3/4”. But really, you can cut them as thick or as thin as you like. One important note: if you like steak on the rarer side, cut it thick. It’s hard to cook a thin steak to rare or medium-rare temp. If you like it rare, but only want a little, cut it thick, and then cut it again in half sideways.

You’ve got lots of options. You can put the uncut portion of the primal in a freezer-safe ziplock bag, remove as much air as possible, and refreeze for a couple of months. You can cut the whole primal into steaks and then freeze them individually in the same way. Or, you can cut the steaks you want and then use the rest of the primal as a roast.