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Located where the Atlantic meets the North Sea, the Faroe Islands have natural fjords, which is where our salmon are raised. Mile-wide fields are placed at the mouths of the fjords where the fish swim freely in their natural habitat without the threat of predators. They feed on a diet harvested exclusively from their native habitat and spend their entire lives swimming in their natural environment. As they live and swim in these cold, free-flowing waters, they develop the natural layers of fat that give them their beautiful color, rich texture and robust taste.

The salmon are raised by Faroe Islanders who live alongside these fjords. For them, the salmon is more than a fish - it's their legacy; the continuation of a millenial-old seafaring tradition that has salmon at the very heart of it. Our fishing partners are Aquaculture Stewardship Council-certified, ensuring a dedication to quality that results in an unparalleled respect for the environment and a product you can feel great about serving to your family.