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The Salmon & Steak Plan

The Salmon & Steak Plan

For those craving surf and turf, the Salmon and Steak Plan is the perfect match. Sustainably raised in the wild Faroe Island Salmon, coupled with two popular and flavorful cuts of steak will give you everything you need to put great meals on your table.

*All products are shipped raw and frozen

Antibiotic Free

Steroid Free

Hormone Free

(4) 6oz Sirloin Steaks - 4 servings
(4) 10oz Ribeye 10 oz - 4 servings
(8) 6oz Faroe Island Salmon Filets - 8 servings

16 servings. Price per serving:
The Salmon & Antibiotic-Free Black Angus Steak Plan:
One time: $10.56. Subscription: $9.51

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