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Wagyu Ribeye

Wagyu Ribeye

(1) 16 oz. steak
You love Ribeyes for their unmatched combination of flavor and juiciness, but you’ve never had one quite this special. Intense marbling permeates the entire steak, infusing it with a rich, buttery flavor. From Japanese bloodlines celebrated for their tenderness and bold flavor, these steaks are meticulously hand-cut and wet aged for 21 days.


Wagyu Beef Sourcing

Japanese bloodlines + domestic standards equal the most mouthwatering beef available. Our Wagyu Beef comes from both full-blood wagyu cattle or F1 (first-generation) cross-breeds of Japanese and American Black Angus steer. Pastured in the Ohio Valley and Eastern Texas, these cattle eat an all-vegetarian diet and are raised without hormones, antibiotics or steroids. Raised under the guidelines of the American Wagyu Association, our ranchers adhere to the strictest standards in animal care in the industry.