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Wagyu Flank Steak

| (1) 16 oz. steak

As good as it gets on the grill, our Wagyu Flank Steak is tender and flavorful with an extra dose of marbling. Perfect for tacos, salads and steak sandwiches. Our Wagyu beef comes from Japanese bloodlines renowned for their tenderness and rich flavor. It’s hand-cut and wet aged for 21 days.

*All products shipped frozen and are raw unless otherwise noted.

Flank Steak loves a marinade. Because it is low in intramuscular fat, it should be cooked quickly over high heat to allow it to retain its moisture while it cooks. Let rest for 10 minutes before slicing.

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Flank steak is named for the Flank primal from which it’s cut. It’s a long, thin muscle that runs along the back half of the cattle’s belly. It is naturally very lean and does best when marinaded prior to cooking, allowing the muscle fibers to tenderize. Because it is comparatively low in intramuscular fat, it should be cooked quickly over high heat, allowing the meat to retain moisture while it cooks through.

Ichiban in Tenderness

Ichiban in Tenderness

There are fewer than 5,000 cattle from the original Japanese bloodlines. It’s from this select stock that we source our Wagyu beef. Raised on a small family farm in Ohio under the watchful care of the ranchers, these cattle spend their days grazing in all-natural pastures until they’re about 16 months old, when they switch to a diet of all-vegetarian high-moisture grains. The best of genetics combine with the advanced practices of holistic cattle ranching, resulting in a marbled beef experience that is second to none.