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Smoked Faroe Island Salmon

| (1) 4 oz. pack

How do you get the best smoked salmon in the world? Take our full-flavored, nutrient-rich Faroe Islands Salmon, sustainably raised in free-flowing pens in the North Atlantic Ocean, then cold-smoke it and slice it paper thin. Delicate in texture with just the right amount of smoke, it’s melt-in-your mouth delicious. All you need to do is thaw & eat!

*All products shipped frozen and are raw unless otherwise noted.

Atlantic Salmon
In addition to its famous place atop a cream cheese-schmeared bagel, smoked salmon goes wonderfully in scrambled eggs, mixed with breading to make smoky salmon cakes, chopped into a creamy fettucine pasta, or mixed into a salad with creamy goat cheese.

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Atlantic Salmon is among the healthiest and most nutritious sources of animal protein on the planet. It’s extraordinary high in protein, packed with essential vitamins and minerals and is loaded with vital Omega-3 Fatty Acids. A diet high in salmon is known to be a factor in fighting heart disease, increasing circulation, and boosting brain function.

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The finest water on Earth

The finest water on Earth

Located where the Atlantic meets the North Sea, the Faroe Islands are famous for their natural fjords, which is where our salmon are raised. Mile-wide fields are placed at the mouths of the fjords where the fish swim freely in their natural habitat without the threat of predators. They feed on a diet harvested exclusively from their native habitat and spend their entire lives swimming in their natural environment. As they live and swim in these cold, free-flowing waters, they develop the natural layers of fat that give them their beautiful color, rich texture and robust taste.