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Small Gift Crate

Small Gift Crate

(1) Small Gift Crate

Gift Crate 1 Contents:

  • Marich Chocolate Cherries 4.25 oz
  • Divina Fig Spread 9 oz
  • 12 month aged Gouda 5.3 oz
  • Manchego 4 month 5.3 oz
  • Rosemary Crostini 7 oz
  • Cranberry Health Blend Trail Mix 9 oz
  • Danielle Sweet Sopressata 9 oz


Gift Crate 2 Contents:

  • 12 month Cheddar wedges 7 oz
  • Marich Dark Chocolate Caramel 4.25 oz
  • 24 month Parm Reggiano 5.3 oz
  • RMF Dried Apricots 5 oz
  • Danielle Genoa Salame 9 oz
  • Olympos Country Olive Mix 12 oz
  • Traditional Crostini


This carefully curated selection of high-quality meats, cheeses, chocolates, and more is perfect for any occasion! Our hand-selected blend of sweet & savory foods is everything you need for your next special gathering. The Meat & Cheese gift crate is perfect for holiday gifting, celebrating, or a little self-indulgence, which we’re sure you deserve!

Note: the gift crates ship separately from our meat/seafood products as these ship with gel packs instead of dry ice