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Private Stock Prime T-Bone Steak

Private Stock Prime T-Bone Steak

(1) 16 oz. steak

From Ray’s Private Stock of Black Angus Cattle raised on his own farm in South Jersey, this USDA T-Bone is two prime steaks in one – a big meaty NY Strip and an impeccably tender filet, connected by a t-shaped bone. This bone infuses the steak – or in this case, steaks – with even more flavor as it cooks, leaving you with so much prime deliciousness, you’ll probably have to share.


Private Stock Beef Sourcing

Raised on the farm where our founder, Ray Rastelli, makes his home, these domestic Black Angus cattle spend their days grazing in pastures of alfalfa and orchard grass under Ray's watchful care. The result – decadently marbled steaks that are unparalleled in tenderness, juiciness and flavor. Certified as humanely raised by the USDA, the livestock have constant access to grass, water, and shade and, like all of our products, are antibiotic, steroid, and hormone-free.