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Pork Tenderloin

| (1) 1 lb. tenderloin

Chops and racks may get all the love, but our domestic Antibiotic-Free Pork Tenderloin is the most tender, juiciest and leanest cut of pork. Hand trimmed and perfectly portioned, simply defrost, marinate, roast or grill, then slice. This versatile pork tenderloin is equally ideal for casual family meals and entertaining dinner party dishes.

*All products are shipped raw and frozen

Good pork requires very little before cooking – just season with salt and pepper and throw on a hot, lightly oiled grill or stovetop Stovetop. Sear for about 4-5 minutes on each side. Pork needs to be cooked to about 145°, but try not to overcook it, or it will lose its signature tenderness.

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Located along the center of the back, the Loin is the largest primal on the pig and the source of many of most popular cuts at the butcher counter. It is both the leanest and most tender section of the hog, making it ideal for chops and steaks. Meat from the loin generally cooks quickly and does well over high heat, with the exception of the slow-cooking baby back ribs.

Local heritage.

Local heritage.

Our chef-coveted Heritage breed hogs are raised in open-pasture farms in eastern Pennsylvania. Naturally herd animals, the pigs roam outside as long as they like and can come inside for shelter as they please. They eat a 13-stage all-vegetarian diet and grow to roughly 280 lbs. Like all stock we source, our pork is raised without any antibiotics, hormones or steroids, and our farming partners employ the strictest standards in animal welfare.