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Pork Fajita Strips

Pork Fajita Strips

(4) 1 lb. packs

Mix up your Mexican! Our Pork Fajita Strips give you a tasty alternative to beef or chicken, making your Mexican Monday, Taco Tuesday, or Fajita Friday as varied as they are delicious. Made from 100% pasture-raised heritage pork, these bite-sized pieces will make your tastebuds sizzle.

*All products shipped frozen and are raw unless otherwise noted.



Pigs in a field

Our chef-coveted Duroc breed Heritage hogs are raised in open-pasture farms in eastern Pennsylvania. Naturally herd animals, the pigs roam outside as long as they like and can come inside for shelter as they please. They eat a 13-stage all-vegetarian diet and grow to roughly 280 lbs. Like all stock we source, our pork is raised without any antibiotics, hormones or steroids, and are our farming partners employ the strictest standards in animal welfare.