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Ground Pork

| (1) 1 lb. pack

Made from 100% antibiotic-free Duroc breed hogs, our Ground Pork is great way to add a little twist to your traditional favorites – meatballs, chilis, burgers and stir-fries. Pork’s rich and savory profile makes it the perfect protein for the sweet and aromatic flavors of Asian cuisine. Easy to cook and versatile to use, Ground Pork is a fantastic staple to have on hand for a mid-week meal.

*All products shipped frozen and are raw unless otherwise noted.

In addition to its most well-known use in traditional Italian meatballs, ground pork is a great substitute or add-in to anything you'd use ground beef for, like tacos and chili.

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Our ground pork is made primarily from meat from the Shoulder primal, which is itself divided into two sub-primals known as the Picnic Shoulder and the Butt (from the old English word for barrel). It’s located at the front of the hog between the neck and the loin. It’s high in intramuscular fat which lends a deep, rich flavor and makes it ideal for grinding.

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Local heritage.

Local heritage.

Our chef-coveted Heritage breed hogs are raised in open-pasture farms in eastern Pennsylvania. Naturally herd animals, the pigs roam outside as long as they like and can come inside for shelter as they please. They eat a 13-stage all-vegetarian diet and grow to roughly 280 lbs. Like all stock we source, our pork is raised without any antibiotics, hormones or steroids, and our farming partners employ the strictest standards in animal welfare.