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Ground Lamb

| (1) 1 lb. pack

Ground from our 100% grass-fed Australian lamb, Ground Lamb is wildly flavorful alternative to some of your favorite ground meat dishes, like meatballs, stuffed peppers and lamb burgers and it’s the perfect flavor profile for Mediterranean dishes.

*All products shipped frozen and are raw unless otherwise noted

Ground lamb cooks up pretty quickly. You can use its own fat or add a little oil to a skillet. Add the meat to once the pan is hot and break up the meat. Stir while it cooks for about 10 minutes.

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Ground Lamb is made from meat and trimmings from virtually any part of the animal, including shoulder, leg, loin, rib, flank, neck, breast and shanks. Because it encompasses meat from all over the animal, it has a complex flavor but is generally mild and because some intramuscular fat is included, it is juicy and tender.

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Rastelli's Australian Lamb

Down Under delicious

On the sweeping plains of Western Australia, our lambs are raised in lush pastures the way nature intended –completely free-ranged, 100% grass-fed, and with absolutely no antibiotics, steroids, hormones or genetically modified food. These lambs are certified by Australia’s Department of Agriculture & Water Resources (DAWR) as raised and fed through operations that provide a low-stress environment and processed in state-of-the-art facilities. Livestock has unfettered access to fresh, clean water and regular shelter.

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