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USDA PRIME Black Angus Filet (8 oz)


USDA PRIME Black Angus Filet (8 oz)

Arguably the richest and tastiest cut around, our USDA Prime Black Angus Antibiotic-Free Ribeye Steak is cut from the rib section of Midwestern-raised, corn-finished cattle. Wet aged for 28 days, hand trimmed and perfectly portioned. This is a steak you need to know.

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Antibiotic Free

Steroid Free

Hormone Free

Why it’s Great

The most tender cut from the top 2% of beef in the world.

From the Kitchen

Serve with a variety of sauteed mushrooms such as King Oysters, Shiitake, and Buttons for a decadent and earthy counterpart.

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Ask the Butcher

The most elegant of all steaks. Always tender, buttery soft. It takes on flavors, like compound butters, sauces like a fine bernaise or mushroom demi glace and seasonings, really well. My favorite way to cook a filet is to sear it in a cast iron pan and finish it in the oven. This cut take its a step above by being USDA Prime graded - intensely marbled, buttery flavor and velvety mouthfeel.

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