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Six hundred miles off the coast of southern India lie the Maldives, a island nation made up of 26 coral atolls. Here, in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, Maldivians have fished yellowfin tuna for generations using the pole-and-line method. Also known as “one man, one hook, one fish”, this method is internationally recognized as among the world’s most environmentally and socially responsible means of sourcing fish, and it is the only recognize method for catching tuna that is considered as "sustainable".

Small vessels take groups of fishermen out to the deeper waters where the yellowfin feed. Here, the men fish, one pole and one hook at a time, hoisting tuna aboard the boat as they’re caught. Because the fish are caught individually, no other marine life is harmed in the process.

The fish are inspected onsite and only kept if they earn an “A Grade”. Once caught, they’re brought ashore, where they’re tagged, allowing for full traceability throughout the supply chain. They’re then processed immediately, vacuum sealed and flash frozen within hours.