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Buying From Rastelli’s

When you buy from Rastelli’s, you become part of our family – which means we want you to enjoy food as much as we do! Here’s how to get started:

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Shop our base plans

All of our plans include 2-3 core products to get you started. Everything is antibiotic, steroid, and hormone free.

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Buy once, or subscribe (it’s worth it)

Buy once or subscribe for even better prices (save 10%). If you subscribe, we offer a range of shipment frequencies, so you can choose based on your needs.

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Customize with add-ons

Our base plans are built to be simple, offering you the products you cook most often. That gives you the flexibility to add on and customize your plan to meet your family's needs.


We cut, package and ship

Most of our products are individually portioned and packaged to make your storage, prep, and cooking as simple as possible.

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Keep an eye out for your delivery

We ship every Tuesday and deliver within 3 days. We’ll provide you a UPS tracking number to stay up-to-date on your delivery. If you ever have any concerns or questions about delivery, give us a call at 267-774-2272 or email us at

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Enjoy great meals

Once you get your shipment, you can thaw right away and get cooking, or freeze or refrigerate for future use. Be careful with the dry ice as you open your shipment. Handle with care, and let the dry ice dissipate before disposing of the packaging. Our boxes and insulation are curbside recyclable and the totes are reusable.

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Come back again soon!

If you placed a one-time order, check out the savings on our subscription plans. If you’re a subscriber, we’ll alert you as your next shipment gets closer. If you love what you’ve already received, try adding a few new items to keep expanding your palate. You can change your base plan, choose additional items, cancel, or pause at any time.