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Exclusive for New Jersey Residents!

If you live within 10 miles of a Rastelli Market Fresh Store, currently located in Marlton and Deptford, New Jersey, we're offering local grocery delivery.

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My brother Tony and I built our original butcher shop – The Meat Stop – on the promise of bringing premium, hand-selected cuts of meat to my friends and neigbors. And the proper selection and the craft of cutting meat is never more important than it is with beef. In the years since, the list of beef cuts we offer has grown considerably, but the standards for quality and taste are the same today as they were back when we first opened.

All of our beef is antibiotic, steroid, and hormone-free. And we offer USDA Organic and USDA Prime options. So whether you’re serving filet mignon for an intimate dinner or throwing a bunch of our juicy steak craft burgers on the grill, you know you’ll get the same great quality and flavor we’ve been serving up since 1976.

Rays's Favorite Beef Plans

the beef plan
The Beef Plan $89.10 - $111.00
Why I Love It

This plan is the best way to sample the incredible range that beef has to offer – from the (somewhat) indulgent sirloin to the crowd–pleasing simplicity of a burger.

the salmon and steak plan
The Salmon and Steak Plan $89.10 - $111.00
Tips & Tricks

Because fish is naturally low in fat, it’s succeptible to sticking to your grill grates. When grilling salmon, try brushing it first with a little bit of olive oil or mayonaise.


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