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Exclusive for New Jersey Residents!

If you live within 10 miles of a Rastelli Market Fresh Store, currently located in Marlton, New Jersey, we're offering local grocery delivery.

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Rastelli Family Values

Four core values guide our family in every decision we make — as butchers, as
businesspeople, and at home in our own kitchens.


If we wouldn’t give it to our Mom, we
won’t give it to our guests!
– Ray Rastelli, Jr.

Quality is our guiding principle. We start with responsibly raised and harvested animals for products free of hormones, antibiotics, and steroids. We’ve built a trusted network of partners who share our obsession with quality, so you never have to question where your food is coming from.

Anyone can cut a steak. We designed, built, and operate our own facility, to have unparalleled control over every step of the process. Our meat is perfectly aged and trimmed — some by hand, some by technology — but always to the highest standards set by our four decades as butchers.

Trusted Expertise

We've been aging and trimming meat for restaurants
for over 40 years. Our techniques create a difference
you can see and taste, so you can have a steakhouse experience
in your own kitchen.
— Ray Rastelli, Jr.

You can’t rush 40 years of experience. We’ve learned a lot during our time as butchers, and we use every moment of that to bring you the best. Our products are thoughtfully selected, as are our recipes and advice. We want you to become as passionate about great food as we are.

A Personal Touch

We opened a store to serve our local friends and neighbors.
I still want every customer to feel like they’re stepping into the
butcher shop and talking to me across the counter.
– Ray Rastelli, Jr.

We’re bringing back the butcher who knew your name, and what you were serving for dinner that night. We’ll learn about the foods you love, help you build a taste profile, and introduce you to new finds and flavors (if you want). Our door is open.


We’re here to make sure your family is eating well, whatever
that looks like in your kitchen.
– Ray Rastelli III

Joining Rastelli’s brings the finest meats and seafood conveniently to your door. We ship frozen — read more about why that’s not a bad word when it comes to food — so that you aren’t stuck cooking everything right away.

We portion and package our products individually to make prep, storage, cooking, and serving easier for you. Our plans are just to get you started. We’ll make sure to offer you opportunities to add more of those things you can’t get enough of, try new products, or stock up for a special occasion.