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If you live within 10 miles of a Rastelli Market Fresh Store, currently located in Marlton, New Jersey, we're offering local grocery delivery.

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Ground Beef Box


Ground Beef Box

(4) 16oz Ground Beef Packs

Eighty-five percent lean and packed with intense beefy flavor, our ground beef comes from Antibiotic-Free Black Angus cattle. Preservative and additive free, it’s top-quality ground beef that will make all your family favorites—meatloaf, chili, tacos, a hearty Bolognese sauce—even better.

*All products shipped frozen and are raw unless otherwise noted.

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Why it’s Great

This product works in countless dishes! You'll always find a use for it in your kitchen.

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Ask the Butcher

When I think of ground beef I think of versatile - so many things you can do with it. Pure, fresh, quality and lean with a great hearty beef flavor. You can have fun with it. Whether you use it for meatballs, meatloaf, shepherd's pie, chili etc - the recipe options are endless. When you start with a high quality beef as your main ingredient, you can really taste the difference.