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The Beef Plan

The Beef Plan

The Beef Plan is perfect for red meat lovers, and ticks all the culinary boxes. Always Antibiotic-Free, it offers quick mid-week burger dinners, room for recipe creativity with ground beef, and a little indulgence with our center cut Sirloin Steaks.

*All products are shipped raw and frozen

Antibiotic Free

Steroid Free

Hormone Free

(2) 16oz Ground Beef - 6 servings
(6) 6oz Steak Craft Burgers - 6 servings
(4) 6oz Sirloin Steaks - 4 servings

16 servings. Price per serving:
The Antibiotic-Free Black Angus Beef Plan:
One time: $6.19. Subscription: $5.57

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