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"Gone Fishin" Collection

"Gone Fishin" Collection

Try the all seafood package with offerings from around the world! Delight your family and friends with Faroe Island Salmon, Icelandic Cod, Atlantic Flounder, and Maldives Tuna in your next shipment.

*All products are shipped raw and frozen

Antibiotic Free

Steroid Free

Hormone Free

(2) 6oz Faroe Island Salmon Filets - 2 servings
(2) 6oz Icelandic Cod - 2 servings
(2) 5oz Atlantic Flounder - 2 servings
(2) 5.5oz Maldives Tuna - 2 servings

Please note - this add-on product is only available for purchase along with a Rastelli's curated plan item.

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