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Chicken Breast Fajita Strips

Chicken Breast Fajita Strips

(4) 16 oz. packs

Our Chicken Fajita Strips are the perfect staple for your mid-week meals. From tacos to Thai food, from salads to stir-fries, these bite-sized strips are made from nothing but lean and tender breast meat from pasture-raised chickens.



Chicken in a field

Our chickens come from a small organic farming collective in the Shenandoah Valley where they’re fed an all-veggie organic, GMO-free blend of corn and soybean meal. In addition to their feed, they’re free to roam during the day where they can forage for bugs, grubs, worms, and tasty greens in their pasture. As certified by the Human & Global Animal Partnership, our chickens are raised with the highest standards, including having houses with windows and natural light, fresh bedding and a 2-3 week resting period between each flock. They have constant access to outdoor grassy pastures with lots of shade.