Watch Brava's video on how to achieve the perfect NY Strip Steak in the Brava


1. Thaw steak in refrigerator.

  • Make sure to cook your steak while it’s fully thawed but still cold
  • Cold proteins help Brava’s light technology achieve the perfect sear

2. Pat Steak dry with a paper towel

  • Any moisture impedes the sear

3. Measure thickness of steak with the Brava TempSensor

  • Rastelli’s NY Strip Steaks tend to be about 1.3inches thick
  • Measure at thickest side

4. Season liberally with salt

  • We recommend finishing with pepper after cooking
  • There is no need to add extra oils during the cooking process of the NY Strip

5. Place thicker end of the steak on the left side of the Brava tray

  • Insert TempSenor (horizontally) halfway through the thickest side of the steak

6. Go to search tile and type ‘NY Strip Steak’ and select

  • Click through all tiles: thickness, temperature (for your desired doneness), watch videos.

7. Insert steak and connect TempSensor inside the Brava

8. Press Green Button and you’re cooking!