Grilling for a crowd doesn’t have to be a lot of work. A few simple tricks can keep your workload down and leave you more time to enjoy yourself. Here are a couple of our favorite keep-it-simple tips:

Cook Ahead:
Not everything can be grilled in advance without compromising quality, but quite a few things can. Steak can be grilled a couple of hours before serving. Just keep it tightly wrapped in foil, then unwrap and slice just before serving. Chicken on the bone, such as drumsticks, are another thing that can be cooked in advance.

Make a Burger Bar:
Burgers are easy to cook, but dressing them up to everyone’s liking is time consuming. To make it easier on the chef, set up a “Burger Bar”, with all of the cheese and fixings. Put out a platter of grilled burgers and buns and let the guests dress them up the way they like.