If you’ve got a little time, braising is the best way to bring out meat’s flavor and tenderness. Similar to using a crockpot (but a lot quicker), braising entails cooking gently in a covered pot tenderizes the meat and distributes the flavor to everything in the pot, including vegetables. There are a ton of great recipes out there, but here are a few tips to help you with the perfect braise, no matter what your recipe calls for:

• Braising works great with tender beef cuts such as a chuck roast and steak tips. Chicken thighs and legs are also great for braising.

• Before adding to liquid, dredge the meat with a light coating of flour and brown on all sides on the stovetop.

• For your braising liquid, use a combination of stock and wine. It also doesn’t hurt having a glass or two while cooking!

• Watch while you braise. Check in on the pot once in a while and add a little water if you think the braising liquid is getting to low or too thick.