As the weather starts to turn chilly, we tend to bring our lives more indoors - nowhere more so than the kitchen. While the aromatic smells filling your house are one of the great signs of autumn, don't completely abandon your grill just yet. In fact, fall is a great time for grilling. While you enjoy the warmth of the firel, it also offers the opportunity to introduce some great fall ingredients that do really well on the grill. Here are some of our tips for turning autumn into an extended grilling season:

Depending on how chilly it is out, you might want to keep your grill a little warmer. If you're using charcoal, throw a few extra pieces on. Being metal, your grill will conduct the outside air temp, meaning you'll need your fire to work a little harder to keep the cooking temp up. If it requires more flame underneath to keep your grill hot, adjust cooking times accordingly, which might require a little extra vigilance. 

Fall is a time for hearty vegetables, like pumpkin and squash. Their strength and density make them perfect for a nice, long cook on the grill. You can grill them directly in their skins and scoop out the perfectly roasted flesh, or cut into slices and grill the slabs, coated in a little olive oil, salt and pepper. They pair perfectly with steak or a hearty fish like salmon. Nice crisp apples also do wonderfully on the grill.

Remember, your grill is also a big outdoor oven. You can cook one-pot meals like chili by placing your ingredients in a cast iron pan or pot and placing it right on the grill. Grilling with charcoal will give your chili a nice hint of smoky flavor. Just remember to use an oven mitt when taking the pot off the grill.

Add a hint of fall to grilled meats by adding some heartier ingredients to your marinade, including brown liquors like bourbon or rye, heavy grainy mustards, maple syrup, and an extra dose of Worcestire sauce.